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"An aspect of something is one of the parts of its character or nature...
If something begins to have a new aspect, it begins to Have a new appearance or quality.


Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m the friendly face behind New Aspect Appearance Medicine. I've been a Registered Nurse for over 10 years and I'm absolutely obsessed with my job. I feel extremely blessed to be doing something I’m so passionate about and truly love. Why do I love my job so much you ask?

Well, the main reason is that it's extremely rewarding. The feeling of absolute satisfaction I get from helping women feel more self-confident and empowered is unbeatable. Seeing faces light up and tears of joy when I show them the mirror and witnessing new found confidence is truly heart warming.

My work is a creative outlet for me. I've always been creative and artistic and with appearance medicine I get to use my artistic ability and natural eye for detail. I believe that a cosmetic injector is an artist of the face and it takes immense skill to achieve stunning results. I'm a perfectionist and only ever strive to give my clients the most beautiful, natural results possible. I take a 'less is more' approach and my work reflects this. My clients often hear me say “we can always add more, but we can’t take it out “. Results should be undetectable and people should be left guessing as why you are looking youthful and refreshed.

I am a huge believer in prevention, so I love to educate my clients on preventative measures as well as addressing their immediate concerns. The earlier we start to prevent the aging process the better, as it takes far more work once already there. However it is never too late to treat and I do love a challenge, wiping years off faces. What I continue to hear everyday from these beautiful, incredible women is how we do so much for everyone else but we tend to feel guilty or forget about doing something for ourselves. Well ladies (and gentlemen) I encourage you to do this for YOU now and I promise you, you’ll never look back! You deserve this.



Whether you are looking to soften forehead wrinkles, crow's feet or frown lines, Botulinum Toxin A safely and effectively reduces wrinkles and helps prevent signs of aging. At New Aspect, I work with you to help you achieve the look you're after. Botulinum Toxin A is one of the most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatments globally. It has been proven to be an effective treatment for millions of people worldwide.

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers help address concerns associated with aging. They are used to enhance and rejuvenate by providing structure an support, restoring volume loss, improving symmetry, contouring and hydrating.

Results are immediate and long lasting.


Microneedling is an effective way to rejuvenate and restore aging skin. By creating controlled micro injury to the skin, the body's natural wound healing response is triggered, producing and increase in collagen.

This new collagen helps improve skin texture and tone by reducing pore size, pigmentation, scarring and lines/wrinkles. 


100% recommended Lauren! An absolute star who is so passionate in what she does 💫 Amazing eye for detail where product suits best & your results are spectacular!

The sweetest soul, who makes you feel at ease & so welcoming! Head in & see Lauren, she has the best chats also hehe x

- Charleigh Batt

Lauren is absolutely amazing at the work that she does. My first time getting treatment done to my forehead & then my frown. Lauren kept me calm all the way through explaining everything at the same time. I wanted to do something new just for me &  Lauren not only made me look better, but feel better in myself too. I highly recommend Lauren, she is a true blessing in her field of work & I will definitely be back. Thank you Lauren!

- Charmaine Whare

Lauren is a talented injector with an artistic and trained eye for where product will look best and get the most results.
I know she is passionate about what she does as it comes across in her professionalism and attitude.
I’m so glad to have been referred to her since moving back to Hawkes Bay.

- Lana Davies

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